Welcome to Fridge Door Faith!

Like I just said, welcome to Fridge Door Faith! If you’re here, you’re either a friend of mine (so thanks!) or you don’t know me but saw this link on Twitter and figured you’d try yet another Christian blog (so thanks a whole bunch!).

I know I have stuff to say, but I have no idea if it’s worth reading – I hope you’ll think so. Most of what I’ll post deals with the Christian life with an emphasis on theology. I spend a lot of time doing church stuff, so there will be stuff about the church. Posts about being a husband or daddy? That could happen. Current events are possible, too, although I hope to keep it pretty level-headed. I also love film and good television, so I’m going to talk about some of that. Sometimes, I hope to really dig into the deeper things of a movie or show and pull out important themes about humanity, sin, God, redemption, Jesus, etc….and sometimes I’ll just express my opinions about stuff I like just because I like it. I hope to do some book reviews, which will necessitate actually finishing some of the many books I start. You’ll likely be spared reading about the heartache of being a Kansas City sports fan – but I make no promises, because sometimes you just have to vent. And I’m nearly certain you’ll read a lot of stuff in parentheses, because I love to make parenthetical comments (I’ve already edited three others out of this post).

Again, thanks for checking in here. I hope you’ll give me a chance to get my blogging legs under me, although I understand if I only get one shot and I’ve already chased you off. If you’re interested in what I say, I hope you’ll come back regularly and even comment. And I hope that, although very imperfectly, I’ll make much of Jesus Christ in what I write here.


About Rich Starnes

Husband, daddy, lawyer, preacher/worship leader/elder-in-training, Royals fan, film buff, slow reader, and worst sinner I know redeemed by a great Savior.
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