About Fridge Door Faith

Fridge Door Faith is an attempt to chronicle my random thoughts about the Christian life. As a lifelong sufferer of insecurity with a constant need to try to prove myself through knowledge and achievement, I’ve decided to adopt a theme of childlike faith for blog to remind myself that what I do (or don’t do) doesn’t make God love me or accept me any more or less. He’s already proven His love for me billions of times over, most of all through the sacrifice of His son for the sake of those who trust Him. So, like a child, I only seek to please Him because I love Him, not to make Him love me.

About Me

I’m Rich Starnes, a husband, a daddy, a lawyer, the small groups guy at Freshwater Church in Jefferson City, MO, an occasional preacher and worship leader, a long-suffering Royals fan, a film buff, a painfully slow reader, and the absolute worst sinner I know redeemed by a great Savior.


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